Exterior Maintenance

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RRCustoms BadBoys Ceramic detailer

Is an extremely fast and easy-to-use, specially developed cosmetic. Designed for the maintenance and nourishment of car paints protected with a ceramic coating, as well as a self-sufficient quick detailer to protect cars paintwork. Thanks to the high content of active SiO2, it extends the durability of the existing protection and fills small imperfections of …

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RRCustoms BadBoys Tyre dressing

Is an efficient silicone based dressing dedicated for tyre shining and maintenance. It gives the effect of a deep and pure colour that stays on the surface for several car washes. It gives the surface a hydrophobic effect, protects against weather conditions. Usage: Clean the surface using BadBoys Tire&Rrubber Cleaner. Apply a small amount of …

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RRCustoms BadBoys Quick detailer

Product for instant shine and protection of paint work. It gives the surface a deep shine, slippery and hydrophobic effect. It masks micro scratches, causing the surface to stay clean for longer. A product with a pleasant fragrance. Usage: before applying BadBoys Quick Detailer paintwork shining product, it is recommended to thoroughly prewash the vehicle; …

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RRCustoms BadBoys Ez wiper

One-component invisible wiper based on ceramic. It is characterized by an easy application and a great, long lasting hydrophobic effect. The product is resistant to chemical agents. Usage: Clean the windshield thoroughly with BadBoys Glass Cleaner; apply Easy Wiper to the glass using the applicator; spray the product evenly over the surface; depending on the …

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