Exterior Maintenance

RRCustoms BadBoys Ceramic exterior plastic dressing

Is an exceptionally durable preparation for preservation of plastic surfaces. Exterior Ceramic Plastic Dressing can be used on all external plastic parts, thanks to its high temperature resistance, even in the engine compartment. The preparation protects plastics against the harmful effects of UV radiation, creates a hydrophobic layer that prevents the deposition of dirt. It

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RRCustoms BadBoys Tyre dressing

Is an efficient silicone based dressing dedicated for tyre shining and maintenance. It gives the effect of a deep and pure colour that stays on the surface for several car washes. It gives the surface a hydrophobic effect, protects against weather conditions. Usage: Clean the surface using BadBoys Tire&Rrubber Cleaner. Apply a small amount of

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RRCustoms BadBoys Quick detailer

Product for instant shine and protection of paint work. It gives the surface a deep shine, slippery and hydrophobic effect. It masks micro scratches, causing the surface to stay clean for longer. A product with a pleasant fragrance. Usage: before applying BadBoys Quick Detailer paintwork shining product, it is recommended to thoroughly prewash the vehicle;

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RRCustoms BadBoys Ez wiper

One-component invisible wiper based on ceramic. It is characterized by an easy application and a great, long lasting hydrophobic effect. The product is resistant to chemical agents. Usage: Clean the windshield thoroughly with BadBoys Glass Cleaner; apply Easy Wiper to the glass using the applicator; spray the product evenly over the surface; depending on the

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