RRCustoms BadBoys Ez wiper

BB1686 (200ml)

RRCustoms BadBoys Ez wiper

One-component invisible wiper based on ceramic. It is characterized by an easy application and a great, long lasting hydrophobic effect. The product is resistant to chemical agents.

Usage: Clean the windshield thoroughly with BadBoys Glass Cleaner; apply Easy Wiper to the glass using the applicator; spray the product evenly over the surface; depending on the temperature, leave for a few / several minutes; then wipe it with the microfiber until a smooth, transparent surface; if you want an effect up to 6 months, clean the glass with BadBoys Glass Cleaner, remove limescale deposits from the glass and finally wash the glass with alcohol or Pre-Wax Cleaner.

Recommendations: the maintenance of the Easy Wiper application depends on the intensity of car use, the wipers and the degree of the limescale on the glass. Store in a dry and cool place at 5-25°C. Do not expose the product to freezing or overheating. Do not leave to dry on the surface. Keep out of reach of children.

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