RRCustoms BadBoys Ultra ceramic coating

BB202 (30ml)

RRCustoms BadBoys Ultra ceramic coating

Efficient, durable and very easy to apply protective coating. Provides long-lasting mirror shine, protects against external factors and aggressive chemicals, and enhances the depth of color. The composition and the use of enriching substances in it give the coating a phenomenal slipperiness, thanks to which the coating exhibits strong hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties. It fills in minor imperfections and gives the surface an extraordinary glassy effect, the car paint does not require additional waxing or polishing. With one layer, the coating lasts up to two years, with two layers up to three years of paint protection against fading and oxidation.

Prepare the paint surface by thorough and safe washing Then carry out a complete chemical-mechanical decontamination of the paintwork, Improve the paintwork with at least a one-step refreshment, eg Bad Boys One Step Polishing Paste, Before application, thoroughly degrease the paint surface with Bad Boys Panel Wipe (preferably twice), Apply the coat on a cool and dry paint surface, in a room with constant thermodynamic conditions without sunlight. Using a clean, dry applicator, apply a small amount of RRCeramic Coating Ultra and spread the product in a cross motion over the surface. Depending on the temperature, wait about 30-60 seconds to remove the excess coating with a proper microfiber (the coating quickly bonds with the paint surface, so a few additional microfiber towels will be needed), Use another microfiber to polish the surface until it is shiny without streaks (using an inspection flashlight will help), After the application is finished, leave the car in the optimal temperature environment (not less than + 10°C) for 24 hours, for better “bonding” of the coating to the paint surface.

Use only the dedicated RRC applicator for the safest application, Remember about good lighting, The second layer should be applied after 10-12 hours from the moment of applying the first layer or after preheating it with the IR lamp, Maintain the coating by safe hand washing at least once every two weeks.

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