Why should you learn with RRC Training Centre?


We offer our know-how and trainers’ support in car detailing field.


Our learning process is reinforced through practice.

Individual treatment

Training courses are tailor-made to assist with the specific needs and objectives of the client.

Best products

We train using only the highest-grade detailing products and tools.


We guarantee a unique experience from working with passionate automotive enthusiasts.


You will receive a prestigious certificate confirming the completion of your training at the end of the course.

RRC Training Centre serves as a hub where experienced professionals from the automotive industry share their expertise on auto-detailing, polishing, application of ceramic coatings, glass tinting, car part maintenance, car colour changing, and protective film application.

Our team of trainers consists of renowned professionals who have attained global recognition, with achievements such as being world champions in full car wrapping and possessing the Guinness World Record for the same. They take pride in showcasing their highly esteemed certifications in this sector.

Their commendation extends beyond Poland, appreciated globally for their extensive knowledge as well as their engaging workshop delivery style. The focus of our training lies in hands-on practice in auto detailing, polishing, ceramic coating application, windows tinting, and car wrapping. This approach enables our participants to rapidly acquire skills and fine-tune them under the careful supervision of our RRC specialists.

The extent of the knowledge that we share at the RRC Training Centre stems from our several years of hands-on work experience with automobiles. Our teaching methodology is built on our real-world experiences, covering both our trials and triumphs. Recognizing passion as a fundamental driving force in life, we strive to instill this same zeal within our participants. The RRCustoms Training Centre continues to flourish, welcoming auto-enthusiasts daily, keen on honing their skills in in auto detailing. We take pride in establishing an environment where passion fuels the pursuit of knowledge, serving as the mentors we once sought after.

What kind of training we have in at RRCustoms?

Car detailing training
Training – car detailing, paint polishing and ceramic coating application First you will get a basic know-how then you will learn how to prepare a surface. You will learn polishing techniques. You will learn how to apply ceramic coatings and how to do it. What you need to do to apply the ceramic coating properly.
Car detailing training
Car wrapping training
First you will get a basic know-how then you will learn how to prepare a surface. Remember that in car wrapping the most important are the details, i.e. the finishing of the elements. Here you will learn how to make cones, recesses, handles, mirrors. How to properly arrange the film on bumpers. You will learn how to cut with Knifeless tapes to make perfect cuts and overlaps.
Car wrapping training
Windows tinting training
Key points of training:
  • heating the film on the rear windows.
  • film application in sedan cars
  • making of window tint templates and mounting on the side sliding windows without removing the windows or door sides.
Windows tinting training
Painting Protective Film application
Application of protective films. What does the training include?
  • discussion about protective films, application techniques, tools;
  • practicing on small elements (headlights, halogens, etc.) using ready-to-use templates, as well as a bulk roll film.
Painting Protective Film application
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