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Wheel cleaner bleeding pro

Product used for cleaning rims. Effectively penetrates dirt. The product strongly reacts with metallic deposits, which results in an intense, bloody shade of gel. Recommended for heavily soiled rims. Usage: shake the bottle before use; spray rims generously with the gel; for a better effect, use a brush to separate the dirt; for dirt that […]

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Wheel cleaner acid pro

Quick and easy to use concentrated acid, designed to remove the most stubborn dirt from the surface of the rims. Effectively dissolves many months of dust deposits from brake pads, rust, and build-up mineral deposits. The product is intended for professional use. Directions for use: Before use, make sure the rim is cool to touch

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Upholstery cleaner low-foaming pro

Is an effective, low-foaming concentrate designed for cleaning various types of fabrics. Especially recommended for removing dirt from harder surfaces such as: headliners, door panels, backs of seats and leather-like materials, e.g. velour. Usage: thoroughly vacuum the surface to be cleaned; shake the bottle well before using; for light stains, dilute 1:10, dilute 1:5 for

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Upholstery cleaner foaming pro

Is an effective, high-foaming concentrate dedicated to cleaning various types of fabrics. Especially recommended for removing dirt from car seats, rugs, floor coverings and carpets. Usage: thoroughly vacuum the surface to be cleaned; shake the bottle well before use; dilute the concentrate with water, approx. 1:20 for light stains; 1:10 or 1: 8 for heavy

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Tire&rubber cleaner pro

Tire and rubber cleaner. It immediately penetrates dirt and effectively separates it from the surface. Before using BadBoys Tire&Rubber Cleaner, use BadBoys Active Foam and BadBoys Shampoo, so that the tyres do not require scrubbing. BadBoys Tire&Rubber Cleaner degreases the tyre surface, leaving it clean. After cleaning tyres with the Tire&Rubber Cleaner, it is recommended

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Traffic film remover pro

Product for contact-free removal of dirt from car bodies. Depending on the dilution ratio it can be used both as a pre-wash before the actual hand wash. It washes away several days of dust from the car surface but also removes heavy dirt from construction machines. Usage: shake the bottle before use; recommended dilution of

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Shampoo pro

Concentrated product for regular washing of vehicles. Very efficient, neutral pH. High foaming formula guarantees high dirt removal efficiency. Leaves no traces. Safe for wax and ceramic coatings. Usage: Perform non-contact prewash using active foam or prewash (TFR); prepare the solution by mixing the shampoo with water, with 25 ml of shampoo per 10 l

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Plastic cleaner pro

A cleaner for surfaces made of hard plastic materials in exteriors and interiors of cars. It is ideal for preparing elements for dressing application. The preparation is ready to use. After cleaning, the surface does not need to be rinsed. It effectively deals with dirt, leaving a clean, natural plastic surface. Usage: shake before use;

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Neutral snow foam pro

Concentrated product for safe car pre-wash. Active foam dissolves and separates dirt from the surface to be cleaned, making it easier to clean properly afterwards. Safe for waxes and ceramic coatings. Usage: Prepare the solution by mixing the foam with water, usually 1:10 for a foam generator connected to a pressure washer. In order to

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Leather cleaner pro

Is a strong and effective cleaning product. It removes soiling and stains from smooth leathers. Thanks to its strong formula, it is able to deal with neglected leathers and safely restore their original colour. Neutralises unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, human sweat, kitchen odours, etc. Usage: gently and thoroughly vacuum the surface; shake before

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