Wheel cleaner bleeding pro

BB5810 (5l)

Wheel cleaner bleeding pro

Product used for cleaning rims. Effectively penetrates dirt. The product strongly reacts with metallic deposits, which results in an intense, bloody shade of gel. Recommended for heavily soiled rims.

Usage: shake the bottle before use; spray rims generously with the gel; for a better effect, use a brush to separate the dirt; for dirt that is difficult to remove allow the agent to act on the surface for several minutes; rinse with water, preferably under pressure; dry the surface with compressed air or clean microfibre for a perfect finish; if necessary, repeat the above steps.

Recommendations: before first use, test the product in a less visible place; protect your skin during application; the product may cause skin irritation; store in a dry and cool place at 10–25°; do not expose to freezing or overheating; do not leave to dry out; before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not use in direct sunlight and when exposed to wind; keep out of reach of children.

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