RRCustoms BadBoys Tar remover

- (5l)
- (500ml)

RRCustoms BadBoys Tar remover

The product is intended for safe removal of tar from almost any car surface without risk of damaging it. Safe for glass parts, lamps, painted body parts, rims. Safe for plastic elements and for decorative strips covered with galvanic coatings, such as aluminum, chrome or nickel plated details.

Usage: Remove the so-called “road grime” with Bad Boys Traffic Film Remover, if necessary, Apply the preparation on the cool and dry surface of the car using the sprayer provided, Leave the preparation on the surface from 5 up to 10 minutes, avoiding it dry out, Rinse with pressurized water and wash the car thoroughly with Bad Boys Shampoo and dry the car surface.

Recommendations: Before use, always test the effect of the preparation in a less visible place, Always make sure the surface is cool to touch and the working area free of sunlight and gusts of wind, Always wash your rims one at a time, Store in a well-closed container in a dry and cool place, avoid frost and overheating, Rinse the sprayer after each use in the water to remove the accumulated preparation, Protect against direct sunlight, Always use appropriate protective clothing.

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