RRCustoms BadBoys Tar&glue remover

- (5l)
- (500ml)

RRCustoms BadBoys Tar&glue remover

Extremely strong product intended for quick removal of the toughest tar contaminants, stains and traces of asphalt as well as sun-hardened glue from painted and glass surfaces. The product easily dissolves oil and fuel stains, as well as grease and many types of glue. It will also remove silicons, waxes and even chewing gum stuck to the surface.

Usage: If necessary, remove the so-called road dirt with Bad Boys Traffic Film Remover, rinse with pressure washer, Wash the car thoroughly with Bad Boys shampoo and dry the surface, Before use, make sure the surface of the car is cool to the touch and the work area is free from sunlight and wind gusts, Apply the preparation on a cool and dry car surface using the attached sprayer, avoid contact with plastic parts, Leave the product on the surface until the reaction occurs, do not allow it to dry, work on small surfaces, Spread the product on the surface with a soft microfiber or a soft brush in hard-to-reach places such as rims, not allowing it to dry out, Rinse with water under pressure and thoroughly wash the car with Bad Boys shampoo and dry the surface of the car, Repeat the last four steps if necessary.

Recommendations: Before use, always test the effect of the preparation in a less visible place, Always make sure the surface is cool to the touch and the work area is free from sunlight and gusts of wind, Always wash your rims one at a time, Store in a well-closed container in a dry and cool place, avoid frost and overheating, Rinse the sprayer after each use in water to remove accumulated preparation, Keep away from direct sunlight, Always use appropriate protective clothing.

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