Detailing for Professionals – BadBoys Pro Series

Detailing for Professionals – BadBoys Pro Series

BadBoys Pro Series in our store:

This is a game-changer for cleaning vehicle rims. The unique formula reacts with the metallic deposits, indicating its action by turning into an intense, bloody shade.

Ensure thorough shaking before application. Generously spray it on the rims, use a brush for agitation, and rinse off. Repeat for tough grime.

For best results, let the gel sit for a few minutes on heavily soiled rims before scrubbing. This allows the active ingredients to deeply penetrate and lift the dirt.

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A powerful solution designed to tackle the most stubborn rim contaminants like brake pad dust and rust. It’s a must-have for professionals dealing with neglected or heavily used vehicles.

Dilute appropriately considering the level of dirt. Always start with a pre-clean using “Bad Boys Traffic Film Remover”, then apply evenly on the rim and rinse after a few minutes.

Given its potency, it’s crucial to test this product on a less visible area first and avoid contact with sensitive rim materials.

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Ideal for various fabric types, especially on harder surfaces. This low-foaming formula ensures deep cleaning without excessive suds.

Vacuum the area first. After shaking the bottle, dilute as necessary, apply manually, and finish by drying with a clean microfiber cloth.

For tougher stains, increase the concentration slightly. Remember, the key is in the gentle agitation and thorough drying.

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This high-foaming cleaner is perfect for more delicate fabric surfaces such as car seats and carpets. It lifts dirt effectively, leaving a fresh and clean finish.

Start with a thorough vacuuming. Dilute the concentrate as per the soiling level, apply with a brush or sponge, and ensure to change the rinse water frequently.

When dealing with delicate fabrics, always test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure colorfastness and material compatibility.

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A specialized cleaner for tires and rubber components. It’s formulated to quickly break down dirt and grime, restoring the look of the tires.

Shake well, apply, allow it to work for a couple of minutes, use a brush if needed, then rinse and dry.

For a complete tire transformation, follow up with a quality tire dressing for that showroom finish.

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A pre-wash essential, this product effectively lifts days of dust and grime, prepping the vehicle for a more thorough wash.

Dilute as per the contamination level, cover the vehicle systematically, let it work its magic, and rinse off thoroughly.

For heavily soiled vehicles, especially those exposed to construction or industrial environments, a higher concentration can be more effective.

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This shampoo blends high cleaning efficiency with a gentle approach, making it safe for waxes and ceramic coatings.

Mix with water following the recommended ratio, use the two-bucket method for washing, and rinse thoroughly.

The shampoo works best when applied with a high-quality wool glove, ensuring a soft touch and reducing the risk of swirl marks on the paint.

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Tailored for hard plastic surfaces, this cleaner excels both inside and outside the car. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require rinsing.

Apply a small amount onto a microfiber cloth or brush, clean the surface, and then wipe dry.

For an enhanced finish, follow up with a plastic conditioner to restore the original luster of the plastic parts.

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An essential pre-wash tool, this foam softens and lifts dirt, preparing the car for a more detailed wash.

Dilute according to the desired foam consistency, apply evenly, and rinse off.

For heavier soiling, a thicker foam can be achieved with a stronger concentration, which clings longer to the surface for deeper cleaning.

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Designed for smooth leather surfaces, this cleaner not only cleans but helps in restoring and deodorizing leather interiors.

Vacuum first, apply the foam using a gentle brush or sponge, clean methodically, and wipe off any residue.

After cleaning, applying a leather conditioner is vital to maintain the leather’s suppleness and prevent cracking.

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As the name suggests, this is the strongest cleaner in the range, perfect for the most challenging dirt and grease.

Shake to mix, dilute according to the dirt level, spray on, let it sit briefly, and rinse thoroughly.

Given its strength, be cautious on sensitive surfaces and always wear protective gear during application.

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A straightforward solution for fabric upholstery, it works effectively without the need for pre-dilution.

Apply on a cloth or brush, clean with care, and dry thoroughly.

Always go gentle on fabrics, working the cleaner in small sections to avoid oversaturating any area.

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This product specifically targets the residues of insects and bird droppings, which are notoriously tough to remove.

Spray on the affected area, let it sit, and then rinse off with pressure.

It’s often best to tackle these residues as soon as possible to prevent any lasting damage to the paintwork.

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A versatile cleaner, suitable for a wide range of surfaces, both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Dilute according to the level of soiling, apply, let it work, and then wipe and dry.

This product is a great tool for tackling a variety of cleaning tasks, making it a staple in any professional’s arsenal.

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