Quick Detailer – Detailing Basics

Quick Detailer – Detailing Basics

In the quest to keep our vehicles looking pristine and glossy, we often find ourselves in need of quick and effective solutions. Quick detailers have emerged as an invaluable ally in maintaining that brand-new, shiny look of your vehicle without the hours of labor intensive cleaning. In this guide, we will delve into the nuances of quick detailers, including an introduction to the highly regarded BadBoys Quick Detailer and BadBoys Ceramic Detailer, while also offering tips on how to use them and answers to frequently asked questions.

BadBoys Quick Detailer
Product for instant shine and protection of paint work. It gives the surface a deep shine, slippery and hydrophobic effect. It masks micro scratches, causing the surface to stay clean for longer. A product with a pleasant fragrance.

What is a Quick Detailer?

Consider quick detailers as your go-to for keeping your vehicle sparkling clean between those detailed wash sessions. These convenient products are designed to remove light dust, annoying fingerprints, and unexpected smudges that seem to appear out of nowhere, giving your vehicle that just-washed gleam in no time.

Here’s a rundown of quick detailer attributes and benefits:

  1. Ease of Use:
    Quick detailers are often sprayed onto the car’s surface and wiped away with a microfiber cloth, making the application process fast and straightforward.
  2. Shine Enhancement:
    These products enhance the vehicle’s shine, giving it a just-washed look without the need for a full wash.
  3. Protection:
    Many quick detailers contain UV inhibitors that offer short-term protection from harmful UV rays.
  4. Lubrication:
    A key feature is their lubricating properties. When you’re removing light contaminants like dust, the lubricants prevent those contaminants from scratching the paint.
  5. Waterless Cleaning:
    Some people use quick detailers as a “waterless wash” solution. While not a substitute for a thorough cleaning, it’s useful when you need a quick touch-up.
  6. Versatility:
    In addition to paint, quick detailers can often be used on glass, plastic, and chrome surfaces.
  7. Safe for Waxes/Sealants:
    They’re typically safe to use over existing wax or sealant layers and can even help enhance the underlying protection’s durability and appearance.

When using a quick detailer:

  1. Ensure your vehicle is cool to the touch and preferably in the shade.
  2. Spray the detailer onto a small section of the vehicle.
  3. Wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth using straight-line motions (not circles).
  4. Flip the cloth or use another clean side to buff to a shine.

Aside from sprucing up your car, these wonder sprays also impart a protective layer, shielding your car from harmful environmental elements and UV rays, and gifting it with a radiant shine. If you are new to this, you might be curious about the correct way to use them to achieve the desired results. Rest assured, it’s quite simple and straightforward! 

BadBoys Quick Detailer

How to Use Quick Detailer: A Simple Guide

First, find a shaded area to park your car and make sure the surface is cool to the touch. Armed with your bottle of quick detailer, spray a generous amount onto a small section of your vehicle.

Next, using a clean microfiber cloth, gently wipe the sprayed area in a linear motion. Avoid the common circular wiping pattern as it can cause swirl marks. After wiping, use a clean side of the microfiber cloth to buff the area lightly, revealing a surface that gleams with a renewed shine. Continue this process across all sections of your vehicle, and soon enough, you will have a vehicle that sports a sparkling finish.

Tips and Guidance for Best Results

  • Always use a high-quality microfiber cloth for wiping, to ensure no scratches or marks are left on your car’s surface.
  • When using a new quick detailer, it’s advisable to perform a spot test in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with your car’s paintwork.
  • Quick detailers enhance the effects of existing waxes or sealants, improving their durability and glossiness.
  • Quick detailers have a lubricating quality, helping to prevent minor scratches during the cleaning process.
BadBoys Quick Detailer

Introducing: BadBoys Quick Detailer and BadBoys Ceramic Detailer

Taking your car care routine up a notch, we introduce you to the BadBoys range of products, renowned for offering superior cleaning and protective qualities.

The BadBoys Quick Detailer is known for its efficiency in quickly refreshing your vehicle’s look, making it an excellent option for those who are always on the go. It provides a swift solution to eradicate dust and grime, leaving behind a gleaming surface that is sure to turn heads.

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On the other hand, the BadBoys Ceramic Detailer is for those who want to invest a bit more into their car’s care. This product not only gives your vehicle a mirror-like gloss but also forms a resilient hydrophobic layer on the paint surface. This revolutionary layer acts as a barrier against water and contaminants, offering an enhanced level of protection against UV rays and pollutants, thereby maintaining your car’s vibrant look for a longer period.

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BadBoys Quick Detailer


Q: Is it safe to use on windows and mirrors? 
A: Yes, most quick detailers can be used on windows and mirrors to give them a crystal-clear finish. However, it’s always prudent to check the product instructions first.

Q: How frequently can I use it?
A: Feel free to use quick detailers as often as needed to maintain a clean and glossy vehicle. They are excellent for touch-ups between thorough washes.

Q: Can it remove scratches?
A: While they can mask minor scratches or swirls, for deeper scratches, you would need to use specialized products like a polish or a scratch remover.

Q: How do they compare with waterless wash products?
A: While both products are designed for light cleaning, waterless washes might contain more potent cleaning agents. Quick detailers, however, are more focused on enhancing shine and offering a protective layer.

In conclusion, quick detailers are a remarkable tool in your car care kit, offering a simple way to maintain a clean and radiant vehicle even during a hectic schedule. Whether you opt for the dependable BadBoys Quick Detailer or decide to go the extra mile with the BadBoys Ceramic Detailer, your car will certainly reflect a shine that speaks volumes about your meticulous care. Remember, a quick detailer is not a replacement for periodic deep cleaning, polishing, and waxing/sealing, but it’s an excellent tool for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance between those more intensive sessions.

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