Wrap & Tint

RRCustoms BadBoys Tint gel

Concentrated product for regular washing of vehicles with a fantastic cola fragrance. Very efficient, neutral pH. High foaming formula guarantees high dirt removal efficiency. Leaves no traces. Safe for wax and ceramic coatings. Usage: Perform non-contact prewash using active foam or prewash (TFR); prepare the solution by mixing the shampoo with water, with 25 ml …

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RRCustoms BadBoys Surface cleaner

Ready to use cleaning agent. Prepares the surface for film application. The composition is based on alcohol and surfactants to effectively sterilize the surface. Quickly evaporates, leaves no streaks. Usage: Shake the bottle well before use. Spray a small amount of the agent on the surface with the dispenser from a distance of about 15 …

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RRCustoms BadBoys PPF gel

Highly efficient concentrate for professional installation of PPF film. Does not leave streaks and a greasy dirt between the film and the surface. Evaporates quickly after application. Has very good sliding properties, facilitating the reposition of the film on the surface. Does not contain solvents and harmful detergents reacting with the adhesive. Usage: Pour 6-10 …

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RRCustoms BadBoys P&V shampoo

Shampoo dedicated for care of all types of car films (matte, satin and glossy). Due to the slightly alkaline pH, it is good at washing light dirt and road film that is more difficult to remove. It is safe for the structure of the film. Regular use extends the life of the film. It can …

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RRCustoms BadBoys Adhesive remover

Ready to use product, for removing glue residues after removing vinyl, self-adhesive films, stickers and labels. Cleans and prepares the surface before painting, wrapping or other treatment. Usage: Spray the surface. Wait a few minutes for the preparation to start working. Wipe the surface with a microfiber or a dustless paper. If necessary, repeat the …

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