RRCustoms BadBoys Matt film detailer

- (500ml)

RRCustoms BadBoys Matt film detailer

The product is dedicated to the maintenace of matte and satin films. Adds color depth, protect the surface, gives a hydrophobic coating and leave a fresh look.

Usage: Before applying Film Detailer, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the vehicle, you will get the best effect with our P&V Shampoo. Shake the bottle well before application, Spray the agent on a microfibre and rub into the surface with a second microfibre wipe off the excess of Film Detailer (recommended quantity per car: 10–30 ml) apply the product element by element overlapping too much product results in smudges.

Recommendations: store in a dry and cool place at 5–25C do not expose to freezing or overheating before application, make sure that the surface is clean and cool do not apply in direct sunlight and when exposed to wind!

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