RRCustoms BadBoys Odor killer

Product for removing odours of organic origin (smell of sweat, urine, food, animal odours, tobacco smoke, etc.) Perfect for a car, home or office. Usage: shake before use; spray on to the surface with a trigger; remove any remaining product with a microfiber cloth, do not rinse; recommend usage immediately before general upholstery washing. Recommendations:

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RRCustoms BadBoys Leather cleaner

Is a strong and effective cleaning product. It removes soiling and stains from smooth leathers. Thanks to its strong formula, it is able to deal with neglected leathers and safely restore their original colour. Neutralises unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, human sweat, kitchen odours, etc. Leather fragranced product. Usage: gently and thoroughly vacuum the

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RRCustoms BadBoys Fabric cleaner

Cleaning product for car fabric upholstery. Ready to use and does not require dilution. Recommended for removing dirt from seats, rugs, headliners, sides, leather-like materials. The product may be used without washing vacuum cleaner. With a pleasant fresh fragrance. Usage: shake before use (we recommend using a foamer); apply the product on a microfiber cloth

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