A Week of Intensive Detailing Training with RR Customs and Portuguese Trainees

A Week of Intensive Detailing Training with RR Customs and Portuguese Trainees

Welcome to another update from RRCustoms. We recently hosted a week-long car detailing training program, where a group of enthusiastic trainees from Portugal joined us. This event was more than just a training session.

At RRCustoms Training Centre, we blend theory with practice, tailoring our courses to meet specific client needs. Our approach ensures that trainees work with the highest-grade detailing products and tools, providing an educational experience that is both comprehensive and practical.

Our trainers are globally recognized professionals with significant achievements, including world championships in full car wrapping and Guinness World Records. Their expertise ensures a training experience that is both in-depth and engaging.

The program covered a wide range of detailing aspects, from basic washing techniques to advanced paint protection. Trainees engaged in hands-on sessions, rapidly acquiring and refining skills under the guidance of our trainer.

We at RRCustoms believe in the transformative power of passion. Our training is designed to instill a deep appreciation for car detailing, inspiring trainees to carry this enthusiasm back to their communities in Portugal.

The program kicked off with a warm welcome for our Portuguese guests. We introduced them to our state-of-the-art training facility in Poland, where they were going to spend the next week diving deep into the world of professional car detailing.

These days were focused on the fundamentals of detailing. Our expert trainers covered everything from the basics of hand washing and drying techniques to advanced polishing. Trainees were given hands-on experience with various RR Customs products, learning how to choose and apply the right cleaners, waxes, and polishes.

As the week progressed, we delved into more complex topics like paint correction and protection. The trainees learned about different types of paint defects and how to address them. They also got to work with our premium paint protection films (PPF), a crucial skill for any professional detailer.

Interior detailing was the focus of the sixth day. The trainees explored various techniques for cleaning and restoring interiors, including leather care and odor elimination. Our team shared tips on achieving that perfect, factory-fresh look.

The final day was a mix of emotions as we conducted a thorough assessment of the skills learned throughout the week. Upon successful completion, each trainee received a certification from RRCustoms, marking them as trained in the field of car detailing. We concluded the program with a farewell gathering, celebrating the new friendships and skills forged over the week.

The training concluded with a certification ceremony, where each trainee was recognized for their hard work and new skills. The week was a testament to learning, friendship, and our shared love for cars, equipping our trainees to excel in the car detailing field.

We eagerly anticipate hosting more programs like this and continue sharing our passion and expertise with car enthusiasts around the globe.

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RR Customs is a leader in the car detailing industry, with over two decades of experience, offering products in over 40 countries and educating car enthusiasts and professionals.

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