Purpose: Polishing

One step polishing paste

Is a professional polishing paste optimized to achive the best results during one-step polishing. Effectively reduces paint defects such as scratches, swirl marks, holograms. The paste is an innovative combination of grains with abrasive and finishing properties, thanks to which it removes even deep paint defects and fifinishes the surface at the highest possible level …

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Heavy cut polishing paste

Highly abrasive, highly efficient water-based polishing paste. Allows to remove almost all paint defects, even on the most demanding paints. The use of solid grain in paste allows the full potential of shear to be used on all types of car paint. The paste does not contain silicone and fillers, so it is also suitable …

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Glass polishing paste

Is professional polishing paste for polishing and cleaning car windows and glass. Effective in removing scratches, stains from hard water or road dirt and restores gloss. This product is intended for professional detailers. Usage: Thoroughly clean the surface to be polished; apply to a felt or foam pad and spread out evenly; polish the surface …

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