RRCustoms BadBoys Heavy cut polishing paste

BB1971 (250ml)

RRCustoms BadBoys Heavy cut polishing paste

Highly abrasive, highly efficient water-based polishing paste. Allows to remove almost all paint defects, even on the most demanding paints. The use of solid grain in paste allows the full potential of shear to be used on all types of car paint. The paste does not contain silicone and fillers, so it is also suitable for work in paint shops and a professional detailing studios. The cutting abilities can be adjusted by adjusting the appropriate polishing pad. Using the dedicated Bad Boys pads allows you to get the best effect of paint correction. Designed for use with all types of polishing machines. The special formula of the paste reduces the dusting effect to a minimum and significantly improves machine guidance.

Usage: Shake the bottle well before use to thoroughly mix the paste ingredients; Apply the proper amount of paste to the polishing pad.; Use the machine to spread the paste over the paintwork at a low speed, delimiting a small working area.; Work on small fragments, adjusting the machine speed and pressure appropriately.; Constantly control the temperature of the paintwork in order not to overheat it.; Work with moderate pressure until a characteristic dust appears on the paint surface.; Remove polishing paste residues with a fine microfiber.; Verify the effects of correction with inspection fluid on an ongoing basis to check the finish.; Repeat the operation if necessary.; Control the area with an inspection flashlight.; In order to obtain the highest possible gloss, it is necessary to carry out the following steps until the best level of finish of the paint surface is obtained. (eg use One Step Polishing Paste).

Recommendations: Shake well before use.; Make sure the work surface is cool.; Do not overheat the polished area.; Regularly clean the polishing pads, do not let the pads get clogged with paste and paint dust.; Avoid freezing.; Protect against overheating of the product and UV radiation.; Store in a dry and cool place at 15-25 􀀀.; Product for professional use.; Use eye protection, protective clothing, face protection, protective gloves.; Keep away from children.; After work, keep the bottle tightly closed.; Read the instructions before use.; In order to obtain a perfect surface, we recommend an additional polishing step with a high gloss polish (eg One Step Polishing Paste).

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