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As the case may be, in any state of information about the state of the information in general terms.

Personal data protection

RR Morals places great emphasis on respecting the individuals. Policy in the protection of people associated with a given economic situation by institutions and institutions operating on December 18, 2000 No. 45 of the European Parliament and the Council.

“Personal data” possible information about the facility a person is moving to someone who may also or indirectly be referred to you by referring to a number or one or more members identifying his / her identity (see Art. 2 (EC) No 45/2001) . Cooperation on the basis of access to information on the RR website. The customs service or its management does not support personal data. However, when filling out the contact form to contact RR Customs, personal information may be required, e.g. contact details (name, e-mail address, telephone number).

In conjunction with:

RR Personal information is collected for the purpose of being tailored. This information cannot be used to make it incompatible with the reset.

RR Customs may accessing your information later whenever it is necessary to achieve your goal. RR Customs does not have any personal data for direct marketing purposes. Additional Complementary Resources that they added to their Complementary Resources have additional Complementary Resources that have been added to the Additional Resources.

Data can be set for no longer than what has to be done for it.

> These figures can later retain for the same day, or the same successes, the same benefits (EC) No 45/2001 of Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000.
They, the person concerned has the right to inspect and correct their data. It can also control the information on its controls they edit as well as the data disclaimers that are followed for error mitigation. the person appointed may object to the processing of data with success.

> To exercise your rights or to obtain additional information, please contact RR Customs directly.
You can also report to the Data Protection Officer, Data Protection Officer, for each institution that is notified by reporting rights and cases related to the rights of individuals that relate to litigation related to court cases that are related to or relate to reporting on the case.

State control, personal data control, control of your rights that you can control, control of your control, which is an independent control body. The inspector’s decisions may be appealed against to the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

The RR Customs website gives you access to links to other websites. As RR Customs has no control over them, it is recommended that you adhere to your privacy policy.

More information: EC Regulation No. 45-2001


the website contains texts which now have texts where exactly such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio and video files, photos, software and technology protected, the rights that follow when clicked have an influence on the setting of related rights with your networks.

These data and media items are, “RR Customs or exclude their creators and their rights to them.” Persons who have the right to choose will be exempt from items on the items on the side of their successor or other person to be appointed.

Users those who deal with property rights that all persons follow, and customs and exceptions that will be followed, rules with no changes to be followed.

In principle, it is permitted to re-use (reproduce or use) text data and multimedia elements belonging to RR Customs, as well as those belonging to third parties, which RR Customs is entitled to use, for private purposes or for distribution, whether commercially or not, while maintaining integrity. elements reproduced and their source is stated. However, in some cases, the re-use of some data may be subject to other conditions; in that case, the data is accompanied by a note specifying these conditions.

For any partial reproduction of data or multimedia elements of the website, a URL link to the full content or to the source page must be provided.

The user undertakes not to remove or change the objections indicating the creator or source, and that he will not violate the technical measures for the protection of documents and multimedia elements, such as restrictions on printing or downloading data from the system and marking visible or invisible. Any failure to comply may result in the initiation of civil or criminal proceedings.

It is allowed to translate texts or documents into languages ​​other than the official language versions available on the website, provided the source is clearly stated and the following information is included in the translation into the relevant language:
“Translated from the original in [specify language], published by RR Customs on the website of [provide URL link to the page]:” © RR Customs, [year] – source: RR Customs
“© RR Customs, [year] – RR Customs.” [Name of the copyright holder of the translation] is fully responsible for the translation into [specify the target language]. ”

In case of doubts regarding the above-mentioned rightholders or the terms of use of a specific element, you can request information directly from RR Customs.

Use of trademarks or logos belonging to RR Customs

The trademarks of RR Customs and its subsidiaries and the respective logos may only be used with the prior consent of RR Customs.

Limitation of Liability

The RR Customs website aims to support public access to information about the company itself, its work, as well as to promote the topics it raises.

Our goal is to distribute as complete, accurate and up-to-date information as possible. In case of notification of possible errors, RR Customs will make every effort to make the necessary corrections. RR Customs may only be liable for any damages that may arise as a result of these errors on the terms provided below.

The information published on this website is general in nature and therefore not intended to meet individual needs.

RR Customs is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from the use of this website. We make every effort to limit as much as possible the negative effects of technical errors. In particular, some data or information on this website may have been created or formatted in files or formats with errors. In this case, we cannot guarantee that such problems will not interrupt the service or otherwise hinder it. RR Customs is also not responsible in the event of errors in data transmission caused by different internet networks or incompatibilities related to the user’s software.

RR Customs cannot guarantee the reliability or the updating of the information on this website from external sources. Information on this site sometimes links to external sites which are not under the control of RR Customs and for which RR Customs accepts no responsibility.