Why should you choose RRCustoms wheel spacers?

RRC spacers and adapters are cut from blocks, not cast. As a result, they are extremely durable and loads resistant
We use CAD CAM CAE design and CNC process using the highest quality tools

RRC spacers and adapters thanks to precision machining have a very low weight, which gives a small unsprung mass and negligible axle load. The top line spacers are additionally pre-drilled for the mass reduction.

we use aluminum alloys used in aviation. Cutting tools for numeric machines are the highest quality.
UNLOCK system, unique on a global scale, allows to disassemble wheel spacers without damage.
production is one thing, consulting is the second. You can always count on expert know-how and consultations when choosing custom spacers or adapters.
We worked out one of the most comprehensive offers in Europe.
In addition to standard wheel spacers and adapters, we are ready to produce custom spacers on a individual request.
Modern production process, excellent products and unique service. It all affects the RRC rating can be called top quality.

It is the confirmation of the highest quality and durablity of our products

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Wheel Spacers

RR Customs became famous for custom car modifications.
The most important element in car tuning are wheels. Wheel spacers make possible to fit a rims that are not dedicated to your car.
So we started to design and manufacture the highest quality products, comparable with leading brands.
RRC whell spacers have been instaled in thousands of cars making us shure of its qulity and durability.
RR Customs wheel spacers are very often used in extreme auto sports, such as mountain races, drift, off-road, ATV / UTV rallies.

Wheel Spacers basic

BASIC series is our simplest pass-through system. There are only 4 or 5 bolt holes in the disc, made precisely to pass the dedicated bolts through.
Centering collar ensures, that rim is fitted in the right position.

Availabe disc thickness from 12 up to 30mm

Wheel Spacers adapters

ADAPTERS series is system with fixing bolts. Special set of bolts connect adapter to a wheel hub, then OEM set fix wheel to the adapter. It allows spacers to be wighten, so they vary from 20mm up to 50mm. Available both types – with studs or with threaded sleeves.

Wheel Spacers performance

PERFORMANCEseries is an advanced pass-through system. There are 2 or 3 bolt spacing configurations on each disc. It makes a series more universal, matched to a different car models. More holes also reduces overall weight of spacers.
Availabe disc thickness from 5 up to 30mm

Wheel Spacers performance plus

PERFORMANCE+ series is an ultra-light pass-through system. Its impact on
the unsprung car weight is negligible. Suggested and dedicated for sport cars.
Availabe disc thickness from 12 up to 30mm
Dystanse do felg Performance+ dostępne są w zakresie szerokości 12-30mm


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Co-operation with RRCustoms

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