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We will change the colour of your car without painting it. Or we'll pick the elements you choose – both on the inside and outside. The optical tuning is unique and you have an infinite variety of vehicle styling options. The wrap film provides additional protection for the original lacquer. See how easy it is!
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View car wrapping price list.

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What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is nothing more than wrapping a whole or a part of a vehicle with a wrap film. It is one of the most interesting forms of optical car tuning. The continuous interest in the colour change of the car makes the film producers use wide range of colours and different finishes e.g. glossy, matt, metallic, chrome, satin, pearl, textured, carbon, brushed, glitter, mirror, chameleon and fluorescent.

Unlike paintwork, the car wrapping process does not require the car to be dismantled. It is also much cheaper than visiting a paint shop or buying a new car of a different colour. In this case, if the colour gets bored, you can remove the wrap film at any time and either stay with the original lacquer or apply another wrap film.

Do you want a car with character? Sky is the limit! Changing the colour of your car with specialized wrap film is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to refresh your car's image. ENJOY!

Why should you wrap your car?

  • Unique visual effects - adds individual style and special effects - Car wrapping allows for effects otherwise unachievable even for a professional painter.
  • Low costs of application - compared to paint services, car wrapping can be up to 2-3 times cheaper, and the quality of the film lasts up to 10 years.
  • High resale value - while retaining the original varnish of the manufacturer, you will keep the vehicle’s high value, as opposed to the devalued paint job. Imagine that for 5 years your car was not damaged by everyday use. We can apply foil on the car straight from the dealer’s show room. This means that after removing the wrap film the lacquer will be "literally" like new, and the car will maintain its market value.
  • Countless number of solutions - when buying a car, you could not find the colour you were dreaming about. Or simply the manufacturer does not produce cars of a particular color. And that is the moment when wrap films will play their part. Thanks to them you will stand out from the crowd and show your character. And if after a few years you get bored, change the film to a new one.
  • Short installation time - when you need to repaint your car, you have to wait up to 2 weeks and more. Car wrapping is a quick and easy way to facelift your car’s look. A total of 2-5 days is usually required. The best car wrappers change the colour of your car in 23 minutes: CHECK!
  • Effective protection - every patch of film on the paint acts as a shield against natural wear and tear, UV radiation, or mechanical damage to stones, slag, sand particles, etc.
  • Easy operation - you usually wax the car for a few hours? Now you can spend the time relaxing. A car that has been film wrapped is easy to maintain. You just need water with soap or maybe a detailer for even better effect.
  • High durability - high quality wrap films provide long life span of up to 10 years. Only long exposure to sunlight can cause color fading.
  • Safely removable – wrap film can be safely removed from the car even after 4-8 years and will not have negative affect on the original paint.

What are we usually sticking to?

  • Full Wrap - Full car wrap and change of color. It may take up to a few days.
  • Hood Wrapping - one of the most commonly used items. In addition to the visual effect, additional protection for the hood is also important to protect against scratches and impacts of stones, gravel, etc.
  • Roof Wrapping - the most popular and most effective part for wrapping. Extremely successful marriage of white body varnish with black roof. Contrasts and optically lowers the vehicle. Classic Mercedes C and Range Rover. In addition, the protection of the lacquer exposed for daily use.
  • Boot Wraps - usually covered with a mask and a roof.
  • Door Wrap - often covered with the rest of the car body. Apparently simple in the application, they can be a nuisance for less advanced applicators.
  • Door Handle Wraps - Door handles usually lined with doors as part of a larger design. Interestingly, they are a "dot and over" of the car.
  • Wing Mirror Wrapping - classic, one of the most popular elements of car wrapping, especially in contrasting colors add a taste of the car. Even Audi has introduced factory-contrast mirrors in its S-line.
  • Chrome Delete (Exterior trim) - We get rid of the chrome parts, usually the film in black matte color. Subtle change, but adds aggressive style.
  • Interior Trim (Wrap Interior Trim) - automotive enthusiasts are increasingly reaching for the film to wrap the interior. Change the interior from peachy pink to carbon black easily and quickly.
  • Spoiler Wrapping - Less common, but easy for wrapping and very impressive.
  • Wrapping Front Diffuser - similar to the rear diffuser, usually mounted in sports cars. It is important to think about an interesting way to wrap this part of the car.
  • Wrap Rear Diffuser - Until recently cars with diffusers were quite rare on our roads. Wrapping of this element will add style and give the car an interesting look.
  • Radiator Grill Wrap – Once popular in chrome, nowadays they are much less desirable. That is why wrap grills are becoming quite popular, though extremely tedious in making.

How to wrap your car?

Car wrapping does not require physical strenght, but manual skills and knowledge of the film’s properties will certainly give you an advantage. In addition, you will need patience and some free time, because car wrapping is quite a tedious job, sometimes requiring watchmaking precision.

It is best to entrust the task of wrapping to professional applicators who will take care of the high quality finish and at the same time attest the service provided by a written guarantee. Or maybe you want to learn car wrapping? CONTACT THE RRC Training Center and subscribe to the car wrapping training!

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