We protect the paint with protective coatings

We apply a protective coating on the car paint, which is the most advanced form of long-term vehicle protection. The coating is a barrier between the vehicle and harmful external conditions, UV radiation, or insect residues. We use coatings that are extremely durable, hydrophobic, dirt repelling and yet give a spectacular shine. In addition, once applied over many years they remain practically maintenance-free and do not require much attention. Waxing? Forget about it!

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What is a protective coating?

Protective coating is usually a permanent (no need for re-application) adhesive applied to automotive paint. It is one of the most durable forms of vehicle protection, far exceeding the durability of cleaners, polishes, sealants, waxes, AIOs and other means. Usually several layers of coatings are applied, which then undergo the process of hardening by UV curing to create an external buffer of the vehicle.

The protective coating is applied on the prepared lacquer. It gives beautiful visual effects, adds shine, boosts colour depth, and improves saturation. The body often looks like it is covered with liquid glass.

It also gives the lacquer a slick effect, nourishes it and produces a hydrophobic effect. Both beading and sheeting occur on the surface. It is easier to wash and dry and improves the drainage of water during the rain.

In addition, the protective coating protects the lacquer against external factors such as acid rain, metal sediments, and even bird droppings. The paint's protective layer acts as a barrier and does not allow the sedimentation of harmful particles. Great solution for keeping the paint in perfect condition.

Advantages of protective coatings?

  • High hydrophobicity – means water-fearing when water sheets off the surface of a car body, it improves driving safety even during heavy raining, does not leave stains, does not contribute to corrosion.
  • Resistance to UV radiation - paint colour does not fade.
  • Resistance to elevated temperatures - the colour of the paint does not fade.
  • Resistance to the effects of chemicals – e.g. bird droppings, crushed insects, tree juices, acid rain, road salt, tar.
  • Sensitivity to corrosion or oxidation - Provides a coating which acts as a buffer against harmful factors.
  • Deep and juicy colour of the paint - it increases the saturation, boosts the colour depth.
  • High gloss - gives a natural sheen of paint.
  • No sensitivity to washing agents e.g. in car wash - the coating can only be removed by polishing the paint.

Who uses protective coatings?

The service is dedicated to people who simply cannot survive without a jaw dropping car paint. Remember, the newer the car the weaker the paint – so, give your car paint some love and take care of it.

We usually apply protective coatings to new cars, straight from car showrooms, whatever the brand. We prevent the degradation of the coating from the very beginning. Also the owners of vintage cars are more and more daringly visiting our studio. It is worth keeping the distinctive beauty and unique character of a wonderful oldtimer.

Application of protective coatings

Achieving a durable protective coating on car paint is not easy and requires a lot of experience. Therefore, only the professionals trained by the manufacturer of the coating should do it. This is due to the complexity of all the processes that need to be carried out to prepare the surface before application and due to the various properties of the coatings.

The time needed to complete the ceramic coating application may vary depending on vehicle size, vehicle condition, and selected coating package. New cars usually take less time than older ones. Older cars often require a multi-step correction of the paint, to decontaminate and restore "the brand new look from a showroom".

Protective coating may take from 4 to 8 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle and the selected coating package. Add 48 hours to dry and cure the coating. If you need to adjust correct the paint, you must also consider the time for preparation, and it may take up to a few days.

How do we do this? Prior to any application of the coating we need to prepare the paint accordingly:

  • Stage one: thorough cleaning, tar removal, metallic contamination removal, insect removal.
  • Stage two: polishing. We have to polish every car, a new or used one, to get rid of scratches or micro scratches and of course to increase the effectiveness of the ceramic coating.
  • Stage three: applying ceramic coating.
  • Stage four: curing the coating with an infrared heater.
  • Stage Five: application of the last finishing layer after curing.

Paradoxically, the newer the car, the weaker the paint. Therefore, the time spent on applying a protective coating is an investment that will save you time and money. Your vehicle will be easier to maintain, it will stay clean longer and it will require less maintenance. After the application you will never have to wax it again!


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