We do automotive training

We run trainings covering a wide range of topics related to the automotive industry, including: auto detailing, polishing, protective coatings, window tinting, car wrapping, changing the color of the car, protective film application. We run trainings in a professional center, on real models, using top of the line materials. Courses are conducted by outstanding specialists, and the programmes are adapted to the trainees needs. Do you want to improve your skills or, perhapse develop a new business?

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Telefon: +48 506 536 116, mail: office@rrcustoms.com

Why train in RRC?

  • You will receive a full set of technical and product knowledge - as a distributor and manufacturer, we always have first hand information;
  • We will share 16 years of our know how - being a service provider, we test new solutions ourselves and are happy to share them;
  • You will take part in training focused on practical skills - we focus on exercises and continuous training;
  • The training will be tailored according to your preferences - we offer individual approach and prior needs assessment before we start training, so that you will not have to practice what you already know;
  • You will be trained under the supervision of your own dedicated coach 1: 1, throughout the course – you will be in the spotlight, 100% attention focused on you;
  • We offer various types of training: apart from individual trainings, you can take part in an open or group courses, book closed training for your team, plus sometimes you will take part in a training/demonstrations off charge;
  • You can receive funding from the Labor Office for our trainings - call us, we will tell you how to do it;
  • Fees for trainings can be broken down into installments -thus you train for free, what allows you to use the knowledge gained from us, from the very first day, and earn money on services for your own company. The installments, on the other hand, you’ll pay off from current business activity;
  • We will give you a ready recipe for business - we will pass you our knowledge and teach you everything that we know. We will make you an expert because:
    • We do not want to be ashamed of you, we also care about reputation;
    • We believe that you will come back to us for the next editions of our trainings;
    • We want to continue working with you (see below);
  • After the training, you will receive full support from us, both in terms of products and expertise- we offer consultations with trainers (we will not leave you alone with your problems) as well as material for work at extremely sweet prices reserved exclusively for our trainees;
  • The trainings are conducted by the best professionals in the industry (we are world champions and Guinness record holders- CHECK us out!)
  • You will have the opportunity to feel our one of a kind legendary working atmosphere.


The conditions you will work in

  • World-class training center;
  • Over 1000 square meters of training area;
  • Extensive and modern training area with the best equipment, professional tools and top of the line materials;
  • We train on real car models and equipment apllying tools and materials wthat we use on daily basis.

Who’s going to train you?

  • Rafał Mierzwa - the only certified 3M window tint installer in Poland, world champion in car wrapping, Guinness world record holder in car wrapping, one of the biggest Polish authorities in the vehicle modification and tuning industry;
  • Mariusz Świtoń - car detailing and automotive chemistry specialist. He works on really expensive cars because he simply knows his business . Passionate and knowledgeable, he is easy going yet extremely accurate if it comes to passing his knowledge of car detailing. He has trained dozens of specialists who currently carry out active detailing studios;
  • Luiza Kumek - trainer of protective film application, a car wrapper of extensive experience. She does individual car elements as well as entire trucks. She will teach you accuracy and show you what quality really is;
  • Arkadiusz Szczepańczyk - certified window tint applicator and long-term RRC trainer. Thousands of tinted windows and hundreds of satisfied trainees = god like patience and understanding;

What training does RRC offer?

We dedicate courses to people who; want to get rid of mistakes in their current work, plan to open a business with a similar profile, look for a new business opportunity. Among other services,we offer:

  • Training: Non-invasive car window tinting. read more
  • Training: Application of paint protective films. read more
  • Training: Car wrapping. read more
  • Training: Auto Detailing (including paint correction, protective coatings). read more

When is the closest training?

We will publish the training schedule soon here. Shortly you will be able to book a data via the online system, but now you can do it by sending an email to trainings@rrc.group or by calling +48 506 536 116

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • + Will I get funding?
  • + Does the price include accomodation?
  • + Does the price include dinner?
  • + What are the conditions that I have to meet to sign up for the training?