We offer car cleaning and preservation

The manual RRC car wash is a place where we professionally clean and preserve your vehicle. When cleaning, we only use the best quality car cosmetics and tools that have nothing to do with cheap mass products available in the supermarkets. We wash cars only by hand using two bucket system with dirt separators. After washing, we can apply protective coating of your own choosing to secure the car paint of your car. Our car wash also gives you the possibilty to clean the car from the inside, ranging from simple vacuuming, washing, to preservation of the individual elements.

In our service there is also a place for replenishing / replacing the refrigerant in the air conditioning system. This treatment is combined with ozoning and the exchange of pollen filter.

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How does our car wash work?

When deciding to entrust your car for washing you need to carefully consider whether the car wash that performs this service is qualified in this field. It may be that an inexperienced service, instead of improving your car’s look, will scratch the paint durring washing. This will create an additional cost of removing the resulting damages.

How does it look like in RRC? First and foremost, all the services in the offer are provided by professionals. They use the best car care products available on the market. We only wash the car by hand using the two bucket system with dirt separators. So we soak the wool mitt in a bucket filled with a a mixture of water and shampoo, in the second bucket we rinse the glove in clean water. The dirt falls to the bottom and is blocked in the separator. After washing the car body is also hand-dried using special microfiber towels, which in addition eliminate the effect of scraching the surface. Finally, depending on the arrangements with the customer, we can preserve the effect of our work with protective products: natural wax, sealant or protective coating.

RRC's handwashing services also include in-house packages. From simple vacuuming, extraction clening to preservation with special dressings. In addition, we can supplement or replace the refrigerant in the air conditioning system. This treatment is combined with ozonation of the interior and replacement of the pollen filter.

The advantages of car washing in the RRC

  • We focus on accuracy – You hand over your car to aprofessional, not an automated system. He sees where the dirt is heavy and will apply suitable and safe measures to clean it thoroughly. He will also take care of the corners, clean the rims, radiator grille etc.
  • We offer professional support - our specialists know cars better than many drivers. They have completed many trainings, have practical experience and are up-to-date with car chemistry and technological nuances. We do not offer customers unnecessary care and we remove risky actions that could adversely affect the condition of the car body.
  • We adapt to your needs - the driver has a full range of services and can freely change or modify the service that he has chosen. We also customize service delivery to suite the customer’s schedule.
  • We take care of your comfort - while our specialists handle your car, you can spend that time in any way you want. Relax, do the shopping, arrange the necessary things. Once you get back you will receive a clean and well preserved car.
  • We guarantee the safety of washing - you do not have to worry that you picked the wrong tools, or that the chemicals are too strong, or that you went a bit too hard on your paint while detailing. We will do everything for you. Our experts will select the appropriate methods and tools and precisely determine the dosage of cosmetics. We will make your car look brand new.

RRC VIP car wash

  • Production - we are the producer of premium class car chemicals and car cosmetics.
  • Sales - as a distributor of many excellent brands, we have extensive knowledge about the products we offer.
  • Services - we professionally clean and preserve vehicles using the best products and safest car care measures and techniques.
  • Training - we have vast knowledge and experience which we share during our training. If you want to learn advanced auto detailing, sign up for a course at the RRC Training Center!
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