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You probably know what a "standard" car wash looks like, so you get your sponge your cloths and you tango with your hose splashing on the driveway :D along with touchless coin wash, brushing at the gas station or with a bit of luck and fair tail wind a VIP car wash...bla bla bla. However, when you role with RRC you automatically step up entering the professional world of auto detailing.

We will clean the interior of your car, clean and preserve leather, cockpit, window glass, we will get rid of unpleasant odours. We will clean the car from the inside out, clay clean the filth, we will make car paint correction, polish the car body and apply protective coatings.

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What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is the holistic approach to cleaning, renovation and maintenance of the vehicle. It can be carried out inside and outside of the vehicle. The purpose of auto detailing is to increase the aesthetic and utility values of the vehicle, as well as to extend its years of service, and thus maintain high value even on resale.

Interior detailing is usually cleaning, regeneration and maintenance of the passenger compartment and the trunk. Main elements to refresh are; cockpit, headliners, upholstery elements, plastic or metal accessories. Detailing aims at re-establishing the car’s interior to mint condition, as if it has just rolled out of the production line.

Exterior detailing focuses on paint coating regeneration along with windows, chrome-plated components and wheels. Particular attention is paid to covering the car body with protective layers, which form a buffer against harmful effects of external conditions.

What do we offer in the context of interior auto detailing?

  • Meticulous extraction cleaning.
  • Leather cleaning and regeneration topped with application of protective coating.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Dressing application for plastic, metal and wooden items.
  • Odours neutralizing and interior refreshing.

What do we offer in the context of exterior auto detailing?

  • Detail car washing.
  • Removal of tar particles.
  • Removal of solids.
  • Car body claying.
  • Correction of paint and removal of scratches, oxidation marks, pitting corrosion, other imperfections.
  • Application of protective coatings.

Why do you need protective coating?

The protective coating is applied on specially prepared paint. It gives beautiful visual effects, boosts shine, brings out colour depth, and improves saturation.
It also gives the paint the slick effect, nourishes it and produces a hydrophobic effect. Strong beading and sheeting is also at work. As a result, we see the instant flow of water from the surface of the car, which makes it easier to wash and dry.

In addition, the protective coating protects the paint against external factors such as acidic rain, metallic residue, and even bird droppings. The paint’s protective layer acts as a barrier and does not allow the harmful particles to interact with car body. Great solution for keeping the paint in perfect condition.

Where will you learn auto detailing?

If you are an automotive freak and you are loco about your car, we can teach you detailing techniques here at RRC Training Centre. You will dodge amateur mistakes like bullets, you will know professional car chemistry, we will teach you our know-how, you will try world-class equipment and products. Sign up for training!