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RR Customs became famous for custom car modifications. Dealing with custom modifications, there and hard-to-reach car parts. So we started to design and manufacture the highest quality elements from which the drivers require unbelievable performance. In addition to the production of fittings for pneumatic suspensions, so-called air rides, our key product are wheel spacers and adapters for both passenger cars and off-road vehicles or ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) / UTV (Utility Vehicle). RR Customs wheel spacers are very often used in extreme auto sports, such as mountain races, drift, off-road, ATV / UTV rallies.

RR Customs wheel spacers and adapters

There are several methods of producing wheel spacers and adapters. The most important thing is to use the right material and the way it is processed. And later... and later the devil's in the details, which is worth knowing before we reach for the spacer from the shelf. In RR Customs we do not reinvent the wheel and use knowledge dating back to the early 20th century, when the Wright brothers used aluminum in aviation for the first time. To this knowledge we add some modern technology and our own experience.

The first thing is the choice of material. We produce our alloy spacers and adapters from aluminum used in aviation and aeronautics designated as EN AW 2007. Why did we choose aluminum and this particular type? In the case of wheel spacers and adapters, it is desirable to have the lowest possible weight, which translates into a low unsprung weight and a negligible axle load. Our alloy is almost 3 times lighter than iron. That's why we use aluminum and not steel.

The second step is to choose the machining method that really determines the material selected previously. Our alloy with the chemical composition AlCu4PbMgMn works perfectly mechanically during turning and milling. We do not cast distances, because spacers and adapters usually have worse parameters, and the final product can crack, creating real danger on the road.


Wheel spacers and adapters production

Before we can start the machines, we need a project. If it is a standard spacers or adapter, we choose it for a particular type and model of the car. If the customer expects specific modifications or a completely new version, we design custom spacers and adapters on an individual request. We create a project using CAD programs, the project in the next stage goes to numerical machine tools.

We cut the slices adjusted for the future distance straight from the aluminum roller. We use band saws with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The obtained discs go to numerically controlled CNC machine tools, where sintered carbide knives roll material with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. The process is followed by quality control.

The next step is drilling and milling of holes also using CNC machine tools working with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. In the case of adapters, we also mill sockets for sleeves or pins depending on the client's wishes. We supply every wheel spacer and adapter with the UNLOCK system, which we offer as few producers in the world. Thanks to UNLOCK, you can easily and safely remove spacers and adapters without damaging them. After the whole process is finished, we control the quality again.

At the end, we debug the spacers or adapters, that is, we mill the sharp edges so that they are smooth and look aesthetically. For demanding clients, we offer black anodised alloy spacers and adapters, which are additionally protected from corrosion and have even more interesting appearance. Final touch is the product slipping (equivalent to sanding), which gives a unique visual effect. The distinctive mark of the original RR Customs wheel spacers and adapters is the striking UNLOCK system and the appropriate markings burned with a laser on the outer edge. Final quality control and products can travel to our clients.

Why should you choose RR Customs wheel spacers and adapters?

There are many reasons for the good reputation of our spacers and adapters:

  • Precision and repeatability - we use CAD CAM CAE design and CNC machining using the highest quality tools.
  • Highest durability - our alloy spacers and adapters are cut from blocks, not cast. As a result, they are extremely durable and resistant to loads.
  • Ultra-lightness - our spacers and adapters thanks to precision machining have a very low weight, which translates into a small mass of unsprung and negligible axle load. In the case of the top line, they are additionally pre-drilled reducing the mass of the element.
  • The best materials - we use aluminum alloys used in aviation. Cutting tools for numeric machine tools and tools with sintered carbides.
  • Dismounting system - UNLOCK system, unique on a global scale, allowing disassembly of the wheel spacers and adapters without damage or destruction.
  • Professional service - production is one thing, consulting is the second. You can always count on expert knowledge and consultations when choosing spacers and adapters for specific applications.
  • A wide range - we have one of the most comprehensive offers in Europe, apart from standard wheel spacers and adapters to almost every car mark, we offer the possibility of custom production on a special request.
  • Quality - the whole production process, excellent products and extraordinary service. It all together testifies to the highest possible quality and our supremacy.

Cooperation with RR Customs

For the best wheel spacers, adapters and car parts, please visit our online store. If you do not know which product to choose, have questions or need specific advice, please contact our sales representatives.

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Mateusz Kumor, Product Manager, Wheel Spacers Department.