Polishing and buffing pads and sponges from RR Customs

The auto detailing in RR Customs has always played a core role. We like custom rides, and even more shining rides. We always wanted to use our own car cosmetics and our own tools for car care and maintenance. And so we became the producer of both car cosmetics and polishing pads. Today, we can offer detailers professional RR pads in up to 6 levels of hardness.

RR Customs polishing and buffing pads are 100 % made in Poland. At the same time, we want to emphasize that we do not cooperate with subcontractors in China! Our rich know-how and our own production facilities allow us to create excellent products that have already been recognized by a wide audience all over the world.

Polishing and buffing pads production

The production process of pads begins with the choice of the hardness of the final product. We use here various types of foam structures with open or closed cells. Open pore cells have sharp edges, so they work better when cutting/ grinding. Closed in turn cope perfectly with final polishing. For our sponges, we use a 6-degree hardness scale depending on the intended use of the product. For easier identification, individual hardnesses are reflected in the color of the sponges themselves.

The next step is the glue application. Properly crafted sponge blocks move on the production line under the spray nozzles. The nozzles distribute the adhesive evenly over the entire surface of the sponge. In the next stage, the soaked-sponge is combined with the polyamide fiber. Everything goes to the roller conveyor with the press, where the material moves at the right pace. During the movement, the block with the glued fiber is heated to the set temperature activating the glue. As a result of the additional pressure of the press, the sponge permanently binds to the fiber. The stage ends with curing of the adhesive and quality control.

The next step is to cut out individual pads from the entire block. To maintain the highest cutting precision, we use CNC numeric machines for this purpose. Thanks to this, we maintain high accuracy and repeatability of cutting, do not fray and do not burn sponges. Then the pads reach the marking line, where the hot stamp leaves our logo and the quality control is repeated. The last step is foiling pads and packing them into individual boxes. We ship such prepared pads to serve detailers all over the world.

Why should you choose RR Customs polishing pads?

Detailers love our pads for many reasons:

  • A wide range - we offer pads of various sizes, hardness levels, shapes, fastening systems, etc. All this to facilitate and speed up the work as much as possible.
    The best materials - we only use premium materials from European suppliers.
  • Accuracy and repeatability - we use precision CNC machines.
  • Professional service - as a manufacturer of polishing pads, we not only supply a finished product, but also knowledge and professional advice for anyone who expects specific information and our support.
  • Quality - excellent materials, production process and sensational service. It all together testifies to the highest possible quality and our market dominance.


Cooperation with RR Customs


For the best polishing and buffing pads, please visit our online store. If you do not know which pad to choose, have questions or need specific advice, please contact our sales representatives.

Are you interested in closer cooperation with RR Customs? Do you want to become a distributor of our products? Do you need wholesale supplies? Or maybe you want to ask us to produce pads with your logo?

CALL +48 500 346 864 or MAIL tkopacz@rrcustoms.com

Tomasz Kopacz, Product Manager, Polishing Pads Department.