Car cosmetics

The RRC Group has a separate department in its structures responsible for professional auto chemistry and car cosmetics. Here we come up with and produce premium class cosmetics, which must satisfy the most demanding customers - professional detailers, aesthetes, car enthusiasts, cleaning freaks. RRC car care products are present throughout Europe and rank among the top-rated auto care and maintenance products.

Car cosmetics from RR Customs

As a manufacturer of RR Customs car care cosmetics, we make every effort to ensure that the components used to produce our products are environmentally friendly, provide the expected functionality and high efficiency. No imitations and no compromises. At the same time we test and work the cosmetics we offer during our daily works.

At this point we want to emphasize that we do not cooperate with Chinese suppliers. The entire creative process and production itself take place in Polish factories. It is thanks to the built-up know-how that we can create chemical wonders today. We are constantly modernising recipes to meet the ever-changing consumer desires. Together with the development of chemical technology, we introduce process and product improvements. Being the industry leader obliges.

Car cosmetics production

Car care products and cosmetics are created by our specialists in dedicated labs. The process of creating new products starts with determining the features that the formula of the cosmetic will have. Experts define aesthetic values, density, colour, and smell. They take into account performance characteristics and physical parameters, such as whether they clean well, are easily rinsed, etc. We also use consumer tests that often help determine what these characteristics should be.

After identifying the features, we create the formula in laboratory conditions. The initial batches are produced in small beakers using various ingredients. The most important components in car chemistry mixtures are water, detergents, foam strengthening agents, thickeners, nourishing agents, preservatives, modifiers, dyes and special additives being the secrets of recipes.

After developing the chemical formula, it is tested to make sure that its properties will be unchanged over time. This type of test, called stability testing, is primarily used to detect physical changes such as colour, odour or density. It can also provide information on other changes, such as microbial contamination and performance differences. These tests are designed to ensure that the specifics from shops will work exactly the same as that created in our laboratory.

The proper production process takes place in a separate place in the factory. Here, the laboratory formula is transferred into wholesale quantities of at least several thousand liters of a given product. The individual components are mixed in the right order and under the right conditions. If necessary, some batches can be heated up or cooled down to combine raw materials faster and achieve desired results. After mixing all ingredients, a batch sample is transported to the quality control lab for testing. We make sure that the production batch complies with the specifications set out in the formula instructions. At this stage, we can still adjust the mixture. After approval of the batch, the entire mixture is pumped to the storage tank and then poured into individual packages. Then, labeling, packaging and the product is ready for distribution.

Why should you buy RR Customs car cosmetics?

There are many arguments for choosing RRC products and new ones appear once you start using the products. The most important are:

  • Excellent quality - cosmetics are dedicated to the cleaning of individual vehicle components, have a specially prepared composition and selected parameters.
  • Different capacities - we offer products in many capacities (including 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml or 5000 ml) adapted to the needs of recipients.
  • Attractiveness - a great product is also an interesting colour scheme, well-chosen fragrance, attractive packaging, good marketing and brand recognition. We already have everything.
  • The answer to market needs - we are a producer and we are eager to listen to the customers' voice. On the basis of market opinions, we develop and introduce new products that were sought after by interested parties.
  • Training Center - we run the largest training center in the automotive industry in Poland with a full range of professional detailing courses using, among others, our cosmetics.
  • Independent reviews - if we still have not made an impression on you, check out the opinions on RR Customs on our fanpage.

Cooperation with RR Customs

For the best car care products and auto cosmetics, please visit our online store. If you do not know which product to choose, have questions or need specific advice, please contact our sales representatives.

Are you interested in closer cooperation with RR Customs? Do you want to become a distributor of our products? Do you need wholesale supplies?

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Piotr Czekaj, Product Manager, Department of Car Care Products and Cosmetics.


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