Car films

The RR Customs portfolio includes: films for window tinting, films for changing the color of the car, or protective films.

They are available with different degrees of transparency and in several roll widths. To improve the way of working with our films, we offer sets of application tools for wet and dry work, including knives and blades, professional squeegees and a full range of complementary accessories. We produce professional chemistrym, that easies the application and positioning of tinting films, such as Tint Gel with the unique RR Customs formula.


Car window tint films from RR Customs

We used to tint windows with a dream to develop our own tinting film with parameters that fit  our high expectations. Today, not only do we tint windows, but we do it with our dream films. As one used to say: "necessity is the mother of invention". We wanted our own films, we built up know-how and today we can offer amazing products signed with the RR Customs logo.

We have factories in Poland and we work with partners from abroad. 95 % of our production takes place in Polish plants. At the same time, we want to emphasize that we do not use subcontractors in China! Tinting films from RR Customs are top products in our industry and it would be difficult to find a comparison.

Car window tinting films production

There are numerous formulations for the tinted coatings. It all starts with an acrylic glue that holds together the layers of plastic film.

At the beginning, the adhesive is diluted with a solvent that facilitates mixing with the other ingredients. These ingredients contain chemicals that absorb ultraviolet rays, initiators to cure the mixture faster, and finally a dye. It is carbon-based and as a result it's highly soluble and disperses well.

Achieving the proper shade of colour it is truly an exact science, which started beforehand in the lab. The test batches are mixed together, combining one or more colorants until a satisfactory result is obtained. After mixing, a chemical catalyst is added to activate it. Everything is ready for connection with film.

There are different grades and thicknesses. The plastic film unwinds over rollers and goes into the coating machine. At the same time, the adhesive flows into the pan of the machine. After uniform application of the adhesive, the film passes through a long dryer, where the heat causes the coating to cure. Tinting film comes out of the machine treated with ultraviolet radiation. UV light activates chemicals initiating additional curing of the coating.

In the next stage, the second plastic film unwinds and comes into contact with the coated one. Both move between rollers that use heat and pressure to laminate the two films together. A computerised system checks for defects. Finally, a sample is tested to confirm that the film adheres well to the glass. The production lot gets green light, so the film is cut to the width and wound onto the core (tube).

Window films come in a variety of colors and have many different features. Regardless of the film model, it will definitely change your way of seeing.

Why should you buy RR Customs films?

Our films were well recognised by Polish applicators and received positive opinions from abroad due to a number of factors:

  • A wide range - today it is difficult to count the number of all products that appeared in the portfolio, but it is worth mentioning that we offer over 160 kinds of just the sqeegees.
  • Selection of products - only carefully selected models, worth the attention of professionals are available for sale - no imitations, no compromises. We test and work on our daily basis with the products we offer.
  • Flexible offer - we always meet the expectations of our clients. There is a possibility of cutting variuos film lengths for individual request.
  • Packing products is an absolute masterpiece - damage to the film does not happen here.
  • Astonishing service - from expert advice, to film packaging - everything must be completed perfectly. We've been working on it for over a dozen years.
  • Own tinting film - as a producer we have introduced an original series of tinting films with properties we expected to get.
  • Own tinting accessories - we have created brilliant products that facilitate and accelerate the work with films. Because time is money ...
  • Knowledge and know-how - we have professional applicators in our team, including the only Polish applicator of tinting films certified in the 3M Endorsed program.
  • Masters and record holders - we are world champions and world Guiness record holders in car wrapping.
  • Training Centre - we run the largest training center in the automotive industry in Poland with a full range of film wrapping courses.
  • Independent opinions - if it's not enough for you and we still have not made an impression on you, check out the opinions on RR Customs on our fanpage.

We know everything about car films!

Cooperation with RR Customs

For the best car films, please visit our online store. If you do not know which film to choose, have questions or need specific advice, please contact our sales representatives.

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