kosmetyki samochodowe RRC

Ceramic Coating 9H

Easy in application, very efficient and durable ceramic coating. Provides long-lasting shine, colour depth and car paint protection . Protects against harmful effects of the weather conditions by filling the pores of the ceramic coating .The unique composition and the use of the advanced technology gives the coating perfect hydrophobic and self-regenerating features. Fill minor imperfections giving the surface slipperiness that turns into excellent self cleaning properties.

Gives a high gloss (mirror effect)

In addition to the numerous advantages of Ceramic Coating 9 H, the most visible is the amazing gloss of the car paint after the application of the “mirror effect”. What we enjoy the most when using the car is shiny, new paint. Thanks to Ceramic Coating 9 H, the paint work does not show the negative effects of the passage of time.

kosmetyki samochodowe RRC
kosmetyki samochodowe RRC

Emphasizes colour depth

Delight your eye with the intense saturation and depth of color of your car paint, which will be provided by the Ceramic Coating 9 H application. The “wet look” effect will satisfy even the most demanding fan of detailing.

Gives hydrophobic effect

One of the most important features of Ceramic Coating 9 H is the hydrophobic effect, thanks to which car washing will be easier and safer, and the paint will get dirty more slowly. See for yourself this spectacular dropping!

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