Ceramic coating for car paint – Ultra Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating for car paint – Ultra Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings available on the detailing market are increasingly evolving in terms of durability, gloss, resistance to strong chemicals and ease of application. It is exactly the same with our new Ultra Ceramic Coating. It is a highly refined proposition for both detailing studios and ordinary detailing enthusiasts. A properly applied coating will last for three years. Of course, it should be properly cared for, like all ceramic graphene, quartz or silicone coatings, Our coating is not resistant to mechanical damage caused by improper washing. Its durability also depends on the chemicals we are using to wash the car. In addition to these factors, the BadBoys Ultra Ceramic Coating is very durable, and the normal use of the car with proper care for the paint gives us at least 3 years of paint protection.

Among people who do not know much about car cosmetics, there is false information that ceramic coatings protect the paintwork against mechanical damage, etc. This is not true, ceramic coatings protect the paint coating from weather conditions, UV radiation, acid rain, protects against damage caused by the use of strong chemicals .

Advantages of using ceramic coatings:
For an ordinary user, the most visible advantages of the coatings are the appearance (deep and strong gloss), much easier car washing, due to the high lubricity of the coating, the paint gets dirty more slowly. These are the advantages that are easy to see for normal user, while protection against weather conditions, the effects of a strong chemical on the varnish, these are the invisible advantages of ceramics, but the user is able to see it for a long time while enjoying a strong gloss of the varnish.
When it comes to application, BadBoys Ultra Ceramic Coating is one of the easiest on the market. We recommend applying two layers. A 30ml package should be enough for a car the size of a Mercedes S-Class. Apply the coating to the prepared varnish. Before the application itself, we recommend using the Panel Wipe preparation and then applying the coating. The second layer is applied depending on the humidity and temperature conditions in the detailing studio from 2 to 6 hours. The BadBoys Ultra Ceramic Coating does not require hardening by special heating. 24 hours after the Aplickaya(application), it gains useful endurance. The vehicle can be released to the customer the day after the application.
We recommend Bad Boys Ultra Ceramic Coating to lovers of round beautiful drops. Brilliant hydro is something that almost all lovers of detailing love
BadBoys Ceramic Coatin Ultra is available in over 50 countries (Europe and Middle East)

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