The chemicals and car cosmetics are created by our team of experienced chemists in our main RRC lab.

Car cosmetics: the conception

The process of creating new products start from defining which features we want to achieve in a product. We define aesthetics, density, color and fragrance. We take into account efficiency and physical parameters, such as: how good they clean, are they easy to wash off, do they have pH we want. We make use of consumer testing which gives us great knowledge about possible future weaknesses of the product.

Car cosmetics: formula

After the conceptual stage we start to create a formula. Our chemists make dozens if not hundreds of samples with different properties, colours, textures or concentration. Our team of professional auto detailers with years of experience pick ones that give the best results and satisfaction from work.

Car cosmetics test

After getting the chemical formula ready, we test our RRCustoms cosmetics to make sure that their properties will be the same as time goes on. This type of test called ‘stability test’ is made to detect physical changes such as colour, fragrance and density. It can also give us information about other changes such as microbiological contamination and differences in efficiency. The test objective is to make us sure that the product on the shop shelf will work the same as the one in the lab.

Car cosmetics: production

The actual production takes place in a dedicated place in factory, where the lab formula is ‘translated’ into bulk quantities (at least few thousand liters of given product). Individual components are mixed in exact order, quantity and exact conditions. In case we can heat or cool down certain batches in order to mix the resources faster and achieve desired results. After the mixing of all the ingredients, a sample of given batch is transported to the quality assurance lab to be tested. We make sure that the production lot conforms to the specifications set forth in the formula manual. At this stage we can still make the corrections to the composition. After the approval the production lot is pumped to the storage tank and then bottled into individual packages. This is followed by labeling, packing into master packs and preparing for distribution.


At this stage, the work of the production department is completed. Instead, the graphic design, marketing and sales departments are working intensively. A new product needs to be properly ‘wrapped’. Our graphic designers create graphic designs which, once approved, are sent to a printing house. In the meantime our marketing department creates photos, films, essays – everything that is necessary to present a new product to the world and gain the first satisfied customers.

Selling of car cosmetics

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