Why Bad Boys line of car cosmetics is worth its price?

Bad Boys line is the pinnacle of our experience gained through creating RRCustoms care products. Within years, we were working hard on unique recipes. Because of this, we have created a product that we can proudly call the premium class.

IF you are looking for something more than just chemicals that work great, Bad Boys line will exceed your expectations.

Bad Boys is the highest quality without any compromise.

We use only the best resources available on the market. Every product is designed to work with the exact type of contaminants. ‘One for everything’ philosophy was left behind so that we could create products unparalleled in their categories. Of course, we did not forget about the safety of your cars. Bad Boys products go through multi-step quality assurance process, before they hit the market. Their effectiveness is tested on a lot of surfaces.

We offer our products in varying capacities (from 100 ml to 5L) designed to fit the needs of every client.

We value uniqueness and imagination. Our long experience, passion and vision allowed us to create Bad Boys line with individual design and personality. In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding detailing fans, we perfected every single component of products. From the bottle to the bulk packaging, everything was created to underline the uniqueness and unrivaled quality. We put the extra care to make sure that working with our products is as pleasant as possible. The fragrances used are overwhelming with intensity and uniqueness.

The product we put in your hands is a creation born from passion, experience and unstoppable craving to create a product we always wanted to use.

Thanks to your feedback we are still modifying and introducing new products to our offer.

We wish you, detailing to be as fun for you, as it was fun for us to create Bad Boys line.

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Bad Boys line of car cosmetics

Bad Boys is not just car cosmetics – it is our way of life. Speed, adrenaline, drift and racing power us like nothing else. We love everything that is custom and unique. The craving for perfection is what pushed us to create a new line of car cosmetics. Thanks to our years of experience, we perfected everything that was always missing in premium products. Their remarkable design, overwhelming fragrance and effectiveness are the qualities that made the most demanding detailing clients and detailing fans happy.

Today, we proudly boast our Bad Boys line, created with imagination, personality and unparalleled design. We are sure that work with our products will be a pure pleasure.

Bad Boys is the highest quality without compromise!

Bad Boys line of car cosmetics

BadBoys Premium Line

We put our development first

Making Bad Boys name known and increasing it’s quality , when compared to rest of the market , is our top priority. Relentlessly we are testing and enhancing our recipes to provide the product with the possibly highest quality. We hear your opinions and adapt ourselves to the market. While getting closer and closer to the release of Bad Boys line, we perfected every piece of our product. Effectiveness, design, colour, fragrance and ease of use will make you stay with our products forever.

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