Why should you choose RRC automotive films?

ANTI-SCRATCH laminate coating ensures high quality of the film and prevents mechanical damage.

RRC Lucifer is heat shrinkable film, whose properties significantly simplify installation on all types of glass, including those of an extremely round shape.

RRC Lucifer stops 99% of harmful UV radiation.

Automotive film with laminate coating gives you more safety during road accidents because glass pieces will not fall into the car.

RRC Lucifer films don’t interfere with visibility from inside the car.

We always meet the expectations of our customers. RRC films can be cut exactly as customers expect.

From professional advice, packaging of the film to fast shipping

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When we started to tint windows, there was no film on the market that would meet all our expectations, at that time we dreamed of creating our product. RRC automotive films is result of many years of experience, passion and care to making one of the best product on the market. Films that we offer in 90% are made in our factories in European Union. It gives us almost full control on every step of production. RRC products meet the begginer’s expectations as well as professional’s who require only highest quality films.

Customer’s reliance to RRC is result of our successes:

  • Own automotive film – as the producer, we implemented a film series with properties we always expected. Its characteristics and high quality was confirmed in independent tests in Department of Glass Technology of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Krakow. Certificate no 726/ICiMB/18 and certificate no 2237/ICiMB/ST/18

  • Own tinting preparates – we designed a line of products that makes tinting easy and fast. Becaus time is money.

  • World Championship and world records – we are World Champions and Guiness world record holder in car wrapping

  • Training Center- – we run the biggest automotive training center in Poland with full offer of tintig courses.

We offer a full range of professional tinting tools made in USA:

  • Squeegees for wet or dry intallation (over 160 types)
  • fabrics and scrapers for glass cleaning before RRC Lucifer application
  • special hooks for upholstery tilting that are necessary in non-invasive titnitg
  • knives with replaceable blades
  • scalpels and razor blades not scratching the surface of the glass during operation.

Advantages of window films

Harmful UV radiation protection – films have special filters that protect against harmful UV rays getting into the car

Lowering the temperature inside the car in hot weather – especially in summer, in high temperatures, car heats slowly inside

Safety– during road accidents glass pieces are stopped with window film

Upholstery protection– tinted windows protect car upholstery (textile or leather) and plastics against fading

Easy removing – films can be easily removed or changed

Individual car design– tinted windows give to your car an original and stylish look

Discreetness – window films makes the interior of the car is almost invisible, it gives more privacy for passengers